Romans 1-2

Every preacher out there has his own personal quirks, and one of mine is that I prefer to preach expository sermons. Certainly, topical and textual sermons have their place, but in the pulpit, there is nothing I’d rather do than take a big chunk of God’s word and explain it so that God’s people can understand it. Indeed, unless the elders ask me to preach on something else, I’d like to focus my pulpit time on Sunday evenings on expository preaching. I believe that the better we know the whole counsel of God, the more likely we are to inherit eternal life.

In this, I want to start with the book of Romans. It is one of the most important books of the New Testament, and it is also one of the books most distorted by false teaching. If we want to understand the gospel and teach it to our neighbors, we have to understand Romans. There’s no other way to get there. Let’s begin this evening, then, with Romans 1-2.

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