Bright Lines and Principles

In the online chatter resulting from my post last week about modesty, some people expressed concern about the chaos that would result from adopting my reading of the text.  Who decides, for instance, when normal-people clothes cross the line to showy and expensive?  Continue reading

Biblical Modesty

I was talking with Chris Barnett the other day, and in the course of the conversation, I noted that the brethren at Jackson Heights were free to ask me to write a blog post about any spiritual topic (as, indeed, is anybody else.  I love post requests!).  He thought for a moment and requested that I write about modesty.

As topics go, this is a fraught one.  In many congregations, it’s the subject of simmering tension between those who disapprove of the clothing choices of others and those who resent being told what to wear.  Honestly, I think both sides have a point, but I don’t think either is completely correct. Continue reading