Bible Reading Isn’t Bible Study

Christians fail to complete Bible-reading plans for a variety of reasons:  forgetfulness, lack of time, the book of Leviticus, and so on.  However, to the list of usual suspects, there’s at least one more we should add.  In my experience, brethren are apt to end up in trouble if they approach each day’s reading the same way they would approach a study of the same text. Continue reading


Choosing a Reading Bible (Recommendations)

I want to wrap up my series on reading Bibles with a few recommendations for people who don’t want to be bothered with all the other stuff and just want to know what kind of Bible to get.  Here are some Bibles in various translations that I personally have used as reading Bibles and liked.  In fact, I still own most of them, so anybody who wants to try before buying is welcome to ask me for a look-see (if you live in the Columbia, TN area, at least!). Continue reading

Choosing a Reading Bible (Summary)

Other than evangelism, there is probably nothing on the discipleship to-do list that causes more angst than daily Bible reading.  All kinds of people who are good, faithful Christians struggle mightily to stick to a reading schedule.  At Jackson Heights, we’re about to switch over to a new program at the beginning of the new year, so January 1 will be a great time for brethren who haven’t been able to make it work to make another attempt.  Reading the Bible daily makes for a great New Year’s resolution!

However, brethren who have had trouble in the past are well advised to think about what they can do differently.  There are a number of different strategies we can try to get that daily reading in, but one that Christians are prone to overlook is choosing the right Bible.  Continue reading