Those Who Dwell With God Most High (Psalm 91)

Those who dwell with God Most High
In His shadow will abide;
To their Fortress they will cry
And, within His shelter, hide.
He will save you from the snare
Of the death His judgment brings,
Faithful, He will shield you there
In the refuge of His wings.

Through the plagues of night and day,
Do not fear what they will do;
Though ten thousand waste away,
Death will not come near to you.
Sinners then will know disgrace;
You will see their recompense,
Safe in God, your dwelling place,
For the Lord is your defense.

Angels sent by His commands
Come to make your guard complete.
They will bear you in their hands
With your foes beneath your feet.
As with all who know His name,
He will answer you in strife:
Rescuing your soul from shame,
Satisfying you with life.

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