2018 Jackson Heights Theme Hymn

I don’t suppose it’s any secret that the 2018 theme for the Jackson Heights church is going to be “Heaven Bound”.  We’re going to spend the next year focusing on what it means to have our eyes firmly fixed on the reward (and to live that way too).  As a result, last weekend the elders asked me to write a hymn on the theme.  This is what I’ve got so far.  I intend to spend the next couple of months polishing the text and finding and working with a composer.  Then, we’ll learn the hymn during the new-hymn class that Tim Garrison is teaching Q1 2018.

Heaven Bound

We are bound for heaven,
One in heart and soul,
With our lives together
Fixed upon that goal.
Through our trials we travel,
Seeking one reward:
Our eternal dwelling
Fashioned by the Lord.

We are bound for heaven,
And we will rejoice,
With the hope before us
Lifting up each voice.
Sin and passing pleasure–
None of them compare
To the weight of glory
Waiting for us there.

We are bound for heaven,
Sure through changing years,
Confident through doubting,
Undeterred by fears.
Even by the river
Where we soon will stand,
Faith will see the crossing
To the promised land.

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