5 Great Things from 1 Peter

5 Great Things from 1 Peter

                How do you typically use the expression “That’s just great?”  Like most people I typically use this expression not to convey truth, but rather irony and sarcasm. I use it to convey the opposite of what I say. For example, if my wife says to me, “Honey, our son just spilled his milk on the kitchen floor,” I will say, “That’s just great!” What I really mean, “What just happened is bad and now I am upset!”

This is an expression that we often use in our culture, but let’s apply it to the Bible and make it one of truth.  In fact, let’s take the statement and apply it to the things that are found in the wonderful little letter of 1 Peter. In each of the five chapters of 1 Peter you can find some things that truly are great for God’s people.

  1. God’s people have a great salvation in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:10-12). This great salvation was foretold by the Old Testament prophets (verse 10). It was something that God’s angels desired to look into (verse 12). It is something that has been secured by the blood of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:18-20). Do you have this great salvation in Jesus? Have you believed in Jesus as God’s Son, turned away from sin, and been immersed in water for the forgiveness of your sins? If not, then you have yet to receive this great salvation found in Christ. You need to change the course of your life (Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38-47).
  1. God’s people have a great example to follow in the Lord Jesus (1 Peter 2:21-23). Keep in mind that Peter initially wrote this letter to Christians in the first century who were suffering for the cause of the gospel. These saints were being arrested and even killed for what they believed. Why would they be willing to endure these things? Because Jesus suffered first (1 Peter 2:21). Jesus is the great example and high priest who stands in the presence of God for disciples. As His priesthood Christians do as He did. They boldly proclaim the majesty of God and abstain from things that are sinful (1 Peter 2:9-11). Are you doing that?
  1. God’s people have been given a great command (1 Peter 3:15). Peter says disciples have the responsibility, duty and privilege to always be ready to give an answer for the hope they have in Christ. Unfortunately, because of a lack of knowledge many of God’s people have no answer at all for their faith (Hosea 4:6). They have neglected to add to their faith “knowledge” (2 Peter 1:6). They are unable to adequately explain what the Bible says about salvation, the church, worship, or godly living. This problem can only be solved by daily reading and studying of the scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15). Will you make time to diligently learn God’s will each day (Psalm 119:97)?
  1. God’s people have been given a great name (1 Peter 4:14-16). That great name is Christians. This is a name so great that it is worth suffering for it (1 Peter 4:16). It is a noble name (James 2:7). It is the name that disciples wore in the first century (Acts 11:26). It is the name that Paul persuaded men to wear when he taught them the gospel (Acts 26:28). It is not a name to be hyphenated. It is not a name to be worn by Saturday night sinners who are Sunday morning church-goers. It is a name that is to be protected with honor. Followers of Jesus are to thank God every day that they are able to wear the name Christian.
  1. God’s people have a great enemy (1 Peter 5:8)! His name is Satan! Whether you know it or not, but every day you are being hunted by Satan. He knows how much God loves you and that is why he is seeking to devour you spiritually. In fact, he is strong and ferocious that Peter called him a “roaring lion.” He will stop at nothing until he completely separates you from God. How do you defeat him? By being “sober” and constantly on the “alert” (verse 8). By resisting him firm in in the truth of the gospel (verse 9). By always trusting God to do exactly what His word says! Only when you do these things will you be able to defeat this great and terrible enemy.

There are many other great things that can be found in 1 Peter. But here are just five that I hope will bless and help you this week. Always be mindful of these great things. Pray about them. Mediate on them. Allow them to humble you. In the midst of all you face in life, allow these things to motivate you to cast your cares upon God (1 Peter 5:7).

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